Supernatural Episode Recap: "Torn and Frayed"

The show's eighth winter hellatus is over. It's time for the Winchesters to make some tough decisions about their lives. Are the brothers going all in when it comes to hunting? Or are they going to continue to split their interests? Will Sam choose Amelia? Will Dean continue to be friends with Benny? So many questions.

The first Supernatural of 2013 is dark and kind of depressing, but did delve into the mythology, which is always good in my book. It has to accomplish a lot of things like deal with the troubled state of the sibling relationship. It has to weave Cas and Benny back into the action. Plus, Sam has a choice to make. It turns out Dean has to make one too. Add a worse-for-the-wear Kevin into the mix as well as an angel that gets tortured Crowley-style, and you see why I referred to this episode as kind of depressing. For the most part, all these elements are dealt with successfully.


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