'Community' Season 4 review: Celebrating and mourning the darkness we lost behind the laughter

I really hate that I'm writing this review. I've been waiting and waiting for "Community" Season 4 like any good fan out there, and all I wanted to do was sing the show's praises upon its return.It's just that I can't. This isn't the "Community" we used to know. What we have now is not creator Dan Harmon's darkly funny "Community," but a reflection of that show, filtered through the brighter and happier perceptions of others.And that's the problem -- "Community" is not a light-filled show. Every joke and every parody had an underlying darkness that gave meaning to what might have been nothing but silly gags.Without Harmon at the reins, the darkness disappears.But wait...Of course, "Community" is still funny. I'd even go so far to say that this show remains one of the silliest, cleverest and weirdest comedies on television. And the Season 4 premiere had moments of that sheer brilliance we have...



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