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This week's installment of Castle was not fantastic. 'Hedge Fund Homeboys' was an unfortunate reminder of just how much procedurals can suck when they get all...procedural. I don't know if it was the plot, the acting, or the writing, but something was off in this episode and the result was, to be frank, rather boring.

The murder that formed the backbone of this episode had potential. But (and I do hate to say this) it was poorly handled. I can see it being riveting and horrifying in the hands of CSI or CSI: NY, but somehow Castle's take on convoluted homicide plots fell short. The storyline felt too stretched out over the forty-some minutes, the central motivations were diluted by the sheer number of characters dealt with, and I found the final reveal to be lame and completely unemotional. Even this episode's Castle Moment couldn't save it.

'Hedge Fund Homeboys' was further brought down by the seeming eons spent on Castle's increasingly annoying daughter. Molly Quinn is adorable, don't get me wrong. But if she doesn't do something wrong or interesting (or both) real soon, I'll probably switch over to projecting doom on her. I understand the felt need to develop Castle's family relationships but, really, it could be stretched out a little bit longer. Spend some more time on his ex-wife and the poker club, I say!

What did not disappoint in this episode was the lead partnership. They didn't have as much banter, which was disappointing. But Nathan Fillion's physical comedy is one of my very favorite things to watch. And, I am becoming surer and surer with each passing episode that my judgment of Beckett is correct - she is a BAMF. Stana Katic isn't as loud and out there as her costar, but she plays cool and smart brilliantly, and her double-takes are amazing/hysterical. Return the focus back to them and mainly them, and Castle should have no problem. (On a sidenote, Castle's Beckett ring tone? Hi-larious.)

All in all, it was not a good episode but I'm definitely not willing to throw in the towel on this series. I want it to last at least long enough to see that DA guy again - no procedural is complete without an occasionally-recurring even-more-annoying-than-the-annoying-character character.

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Mar 24, 2009 6:31PM EDT

sorry but have to disagree with you there i loved it ok his daughter might be annoying to some for not been a typical teen but i think its great it makes a change from the normal teen kids running round making trouble for there parents and when she came to tell castle that she had done wrong and she thought it was a big thing that turned out to be nothing more than jumping the gate on the underground i thought it was so sweet so as far as iam concerned 10 out of 10 for this show

Default avatar cat
Mar 25, 2009 7:03PM EDT

I have to agree with Guardian. I get tired of the typical teenager who's the raging problem and goes out with boys and drinking and does drugs. I think it's great to have Castle sort of balanced out with Alexis. It's also nice that they haven't made Castle into just another character playboy -- his screentime with his daughter increases his depth as a character as a sort of different side of him comes out. I think it's the sweetest thing how much responsibility he takes for his daughter even if he shirks all other forms of responsibility cheerfully.
But I do have to agree -- something was off about this episode. I love Nathan Fillion but sometimes I feel like the cast doesn't quite support him, and he can't carry plots like this all on his own.

Default avatar cat
Mar 29, 2009 5:06PM EDT

I agree with the ploy synopsis, but I disagree with your opinion of the daughter.
I thought this episode was boring and did not at all live up to the previous two episodes. I've been recommending this show to friends and family, but if they tuned in only to episode 3 then they probably tuned right back out again.
This episode felt like a lame attempt at a Law & Order style ep, but fell way short. I enjoy Castle specifically because it's NOT like those other procedural shows.
And that brings me to the daughter. I like her mostly because she's unlike any other teenage girl on television. I think her mature and moral attitude is an interesting contrast to her father's personality and is an honest portrayal of many teen girls. They're not all wild, rebellious teens, many teenagers are wise beyond their years -- many times leading to a later-in-life rebellion that they missed out on when they were young. That might be interesting to see from this character in a few years.
To me, the mother and the daughter are the two most interesting characters on the show and I can't wait to find out more about the girl's mother -- Castle's first wife.
Hopefully this week's episode will be a better offering.

Default avatar cat
Mar 30, 2009 7:02PM EDT

I feel I should note that the drug dealer dude was very hot. Also, I like Castle's daughter, and found the storyline interesting. Sure, it wasn't the best, but it was still really good; I especially like the moments with the little sidenotes - "he's on for the game, by the way", and "the black squid pasta is amazing"... They were very Castle-esque. Actually, they reminded me of Psych banter a little bit. This show actually really does, which is a large reason for it's appeal.
But anyway. I like the drug dealer dude. :)

Mar 30, 2009 7:59PM EDT

I'm loving this show. I'd agree that the plot was a little stretched and that his daughter's little 'confession' was very annoying. But, it was full of funny wise cracks and brilliant moments between Castle and Beckette (yeh the ringtone was genuis, and the line 'oh, I hear dead people'). And I wasn't bored whilst watching it, which is always how I decided whether or not it's good =PThinks it's got mountains of potential, can't wait for tonight's episode =D

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