Parks and Recreation Review: Into the Belly of the Douche

This show is on a roll. Granted, I'm not a big Ann fan, but when you throw something like "Sperm Bank of America" into an episode, seriously, what could be bad? "Ann's Decision" is a big one. And while I do support her right to make it, I'm with Leslie; this isn't something that is decided quickly. Ann needs to think this one through. And her judgment is seriously questionable right now, especially after choosing Howard, "The Douche" as the man who she could have a child with. 

Ann is Parks and Recreations' Cece of New Girl. Both beautiful, occasionally funny, but with much more limited range than the rest of their respective casts as far as comedy goes, but again, I was sold on tonight's episode. Once Ann held up the binder with the reproductive system drawing, it was a done deal. It's interesting that in both New Girl and Parks and Recreation, the conventionally beautiful supporting cast members don't have boyfriends on their respective shows. I digress. Tonight's episode was funny and even had a bit of poignancy. April has had such a long arc over the series of becoming more serious about her work and it's especially rewarding to not only see her wear one of Leslie's power suits, but also to handle the Pawnee community with the candor and attitude only April is capable of. And the ritualistic burning of Leslie's power pants suit was just the icing on the cake. Read More...


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