House of Lies Season 2 Review “”

Easily the best "House of Lies" of the season thus far, "," hilariously featured Matt Damon as himself- or at least something akin to the way celebrities sometimes portray themselves in shows like "Entourage," which is to say in a decidedly satirical fashion. Here, Damon portrayed himself as an insufferable douche-bag that has people punched in the face to amuse himself, gets three women to make out just because he can, and who pops Vicodin like candy.

Marty’s mission, which he chose to accept, was to recruit Damon as a client in order to getGalweather-Stern some good press in the likes of the Wall Street Journal. The catch? Damon is shopping around various consulting firms and is by no means a sure thing, so it’s up to everyone to suck up to him big time in hopes of landing him. Doug is particularly thrilled about Damon coming, and laments that the office isn’t in good shape for a star of his caliber. Clyde tries his best to calm him down.


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