Deception Season 1 Review “Don’t Be a Dummy” – Kimberly Yeager’s Killer Revealed

I haven’t looked at the actual ratings for Deception, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the show isn’t really getting a sound footing. I hope the show does find its audience if it hasn’t already; all the episodes in this show, including "Don’t Be a Dummy," are written pretty well (except for one fear I have, more about that later), the acting’s solid and the overarching mystery is engrossing. I will say that in this episode, Joanna’s undercover skills are the most suspect they’ve ever been. But, this is the episode in which we finally get the ball really rolling on uncovering the Bowers family’s secrets.

Edward finally realizes that it’s up to him to defeat his father and try and somewhat salvage his family. He and Julian helped us, as the audience, uncover a lot of big secrets that have been fueling the Vivian Bowers murder mystery from the very beginning–the identity of Mia’s father, the Kimberly Yeager case and what Robert has to do with all of it. Joanna managed to figure out that Mia’s father is actually Haverstock, but Julian and Edward found out that Robert never went after Haverstock–who should have been charged for statutory rape with a then-16-year-old Vivian–because Haverstock hid the murder weapon from the Yeager crime scene. The weapon was Edward’s golf club.


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