90210 Season 5 Review “#realness” – #seriously?

The writers of this week’s episode of 90210 couldn’t even bothered to give their work a real title. So, we ended up with #realness. I’m not even entirely certain that’s an actual, Oxford English Dictionary-approved word, but considering it has a hashtag attached to it, does it really matter?

The irony lies in the fact that nothing in this episode even remotely resembled anything that happens to real people in the real world. Perhaps the only moment of true #realness was when Annie informed a sales clerk that Naomi would buy every available color of a pair of jeans she had declared would give anyone a cameltoe. At least we can all agree that Naomi really is a loveable slut. And now that she and Max have gone their separate ways, despite still wanting each other, she’s going to be a newly divorced loveable slut looking for someone to get her mind off her geek boy. #richbachelorsbeware


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