Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Faes Wide Shut”

In the latest episode of "Lost Girl," winkingly-titled "Faes Wide Shut" (get it?), Lauren is having quite the time dealing with her decision to let Bo get the sexual energy she needs and can’t get from a human elsewhere. Understandable, since it means letting her girlfriend sleep with someone else, which is always fun- not.

At first, it seems like they might make a go of it when both Bo & Lauren agree upon a tasty little fae treat at the bar, but once she gets home, it’s tough going hearing the, ahem, fruits of their labor in the next room. Oddly enough, though, it’s actually Kenzi that reaching the breaking point with it, and opts to take matters into her own hands, interrupting Bo with news of a potential new case- and I do mean interrupting. Or ,as Lauren put it: "And oh my Lord, there’s choking." (Damn, Bo!)


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