Being Human Season 3 Review “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth”

As if things were exactly sunshine and roses as it was, on this week’s "Being Human," things got even crazier for Aidan on the amusingly-titled "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth." (That struck a chord for some reason, so I googled it and saw that it was this cheesy song from the 80’s actually called "Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car," originally done by Billy Ocean, but which I remembered from the last season of "The Voice," I believe.) On the episode, Aidan wasn’t feeding right and was starting to get a little loopy, seeing the two girls he killed on a previous episode.

Or was it a dream? It seemed as if the girls were real, especially since they continued to appear to him even after he fed. Could they be ghosts? If so, then why can’t Sally see them? Sally can, however, see another ghost just fine, as can her back-from-the-dead pals. It’s none other than the mother of Max, her employer at Sally’s new job at the Howell & Holt Funeral Home. Seems that mom has been, unbeknownst to Max, been scaring away one girlfriend after another over the years- pretty much everyone that doesn’t meet with her approval, which is to say, everyone, period.



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