The Biggest Loser Season 14 Review “Tough Love”

This week’s episode of The Biggest Loser kicked off with the announcement that the competition was changing from teams to singles. Of course, this was good news for some and stressful for others.

It wouldn’t be The Biggest Loser without temptation. In honor of Valentine’s Day, each contestant found themselves with a table of desserts before them. The person who put away the most calories would be rewarded with a 2-lb advantage, which they would probably need after indulging in the table of sweets. It’s amazing what the fear of Jillian will lead contestants to do. Knowing that she would catch the full breadth of Jillian’s wrath if she participated, Danni hit the floor and did some ab work. Smart girl. Francelina ate over 1,000 calories to win the advantage and shared the reward with the other person who took in more than 1,000 calories – Alex. I’d really like to know exactly what lead Alex to think that taking in over 1,000 calories of sugary foods would be the key to her winning the weigh-in. She’s clearly lost a few bits of her mind along with calories while on the ranch.



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