Dallas Season 2 Review “False Confessions” – The Ultimate Betrayal

We rang the death bells for Ryland too quickly last week, as we found out in "False Confessions," this week’s episode of Dallas, that he somehow survived the bullet Anne put into him, probably on the strength of his evilness alone. I have to figure that’s how JR lived through being shot once upon a time. He and Ryland should start a club.

Was anyone surprised when Bobby took responsibility for the shooting? A life-long martyr, that one is. I was a little surprised, though, that Anne let him do it, and I was kind of on Christopher’s side with this one. Yes, revealing that she shot Ryland would alienate Emma forever, but a jury would be far more sympathetic to a grieving mother than her vengeful husband, and Ryland has to know that. Why else would he name Bobby as his shooter?



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