Glee Season 4 Review “Diva”

I could sum up my feelings on this week’s Glee, ‘Diva’, with a simple eyeroll but, in search of some clarity, I’ll go into a little more detail. Every part of this episode that featured Tina was horrible, and every moment graced by the presence of Ms. Santana Lopez was glorious as usual. Glee has really shocked me lately with how offensively bad is has become, and ‘Diva’ sadly doesn’t buck the trend.

The plot of the episode involves all of our characters acting like conceited idiots for an hour, with plenty of forgettable songs that were chosen simply because they contained the titular word. No one really gets to play except Tina, though, and, while it’s lovely to see the character get some solos for once, her continuing storyline with Blaine has crossed far too many lines to be allowed. Yet allowed it is, and the writers don’t seem done with it yet.


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