Justified Season 4 Review “Foot Chase”

Justified just keeps getting better this season. Every disreputable character in Harlan is now eyeballs deep in the hunt for Drew Thompson. But just in time for Valentine’s Day, Boyd takes a detour from the chase in order to propose to Ava. Let’s start there before we turn to the other highlights of the episode.

Last night, Ava came to Boyd and confessed that the killing of Ellen May was eating her up inside. Boyd and Ava don’t know that Ellen May is actually not dead. Even though this seemed like it was supposed to be a heartfelt moment, it lacked believability given what we have seen from Ava this season. Ava has been nothing but cold and calculating since hooking up with Boyd. She runs her whore-trailers with an iron fist and was far more concerned about herself when the drama with Ellen May came up. Most importantly, she’s stuck with Boyd despite knowing that he is a drug dealing, murdering low-life.



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