The Lying Game Season 2 Review “Catch Her in the Lie”

CinderEmma’s on a mission to take down her evil twin sister in this week’s The Lying Game, ‘Catch Her in the Lie’, after some good detective work finally led her to the truth about Sutton and Rebecca. Now that Laurel’s on her side, too, she’s taken her power back, and Sutton isn’t too happy about this sudden turn of events.

The previous episode was all about big revelations, and this one is about the fallout that keeping so many secrets is bound cause. At this moment in time, nobody trusts Sutton and everybody trusts Emma, meaning that the girl who’s had her life stolen is well and truly on the outs. This doesn’t seem entirely fair, but then I guess that’s what you get when you keep your birth mother a secret from your own sister. To be fair, she actually put forward the idea of bringing Emma in on the big master plan, but Rebecca – ever the control freak – shot her down immediately.



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