Supernatural Season 8 Review “Trial and Error” – Sacrificing or Surviving: Who Will Win?

In this episode of Supernatural, called "Trial and Error," Kevin discovers some startling news and Sam and Dean go on a quest.

First of all, how fun was it to revisit Crossroads Demons, Hellhounds, goofer dust and all that fun stuff again. It was great to see the boys tackle something so familiar but, thanks to Kevin, have at least one more weapon at their disposal. The Winchesters in Holy Fire-doused glasses? Me likey.

Secondly, I think my word limit is going to stop me from saying everything that I want to say about Dean in this episode. And Sam, too, for that matter. But let’s start with Dean first. We saw last week that Sam was embracing the Men of Letters bunker much more enthusiastically than his big brother, but really Dean just had to do it in his own time and in his own way. Dean’s method was to settle down and nest; putting things up on his walls and cooking a real meal for a change. It was almost too bad that Kevin came up with the Trial, because I would like to have seen Dean enjoy it for just a wee bit longer.


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