Arrow Season 1 Review “The Odyssey”

Just before I sat down to watch this week’s episode of Arrow, my husband and I had been discussing what plot lines we were anxious to see progress. My husband commented that as much as he was enjoying Ollie’s crime fighting in the present, he really wanted to see an entire episode dedicated to Ollie’s time on the island. As if to fulfill my husband’s TV-watching wish, "The Odyssey" put a pause on Ollie’s present day story to deliver a hefty dose of development of Ollie’s past on the island.

Considering last week’s cliffhanger, this might not have been exactly where I would have liked Arrow to put the main story line on hold. We opened with Ollie’s confrontation of Moira, and while she didn’t answer a single one of Ollie’s questions, she did manage to buy herself some sympathy before shooting him in the upper torso.



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