Nashville Season 1 Review “There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight” – All the Wrong Choices

It’s a good thing the Red Lips, White Lies tour is about to take a break, because everyone (I mean, Juliette) went a little crazy in "There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight," this week’s episode of Nashville. For someone who claims she wants to be taken seriously as a mature artist, Juliette certainly knows how to throw a tantrum and alienate everyone around her. You know, like a bratty little girl.

In all fairness, her manager shouldn’t have gone behind her back, but if she’d been able to sit down with him and discuss the changes she wanted to make in her career and the reasons why, he might have been more open to them. But Juliette knows best and won’t hear tell of anything else. I really would like to see her try to pull that with Deacon though; he would deliver the verbal spanking she so desperately needs.



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