The Americans Season 1 Review “Gregory”

You know, you gotta love a show that keeps layering on the subtext and character development every week, and "The Americans" is just such a show. I love how each week, everything makes a little more sense and so do the character’s overall motivations and reasons for doing what they do. I think at this point, I’m finally getting into the groove of the show, after a somewhat rocky start where, much like Liz and Philip as they started their new life in America, I had to get a bit assimilated to everything.

Now that I have, things are finally starting to fall into place, and I had no problem following the action this time around. It’s neat how the characters on the show themselves are also seemingly one step behind each other at every turn, while the viewer is at turns either a step ahead or behind at the same time, depending on who or what the focus is on.



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