The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Down the Rabbit Hole”

This week saw The Vampire Diaries go ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ in the quest to find Silas. While Caroline and Tyler worked with Klaus to translate the tattoo with the hunter’s sword, Jeremy and Bonnie ventured closer to Silas’ tomb with Shane, and Jeremy was dragged in the same direction by one of the five hunters, Galen Vaughn (who was either Scottish or Irish; his accent slipped around a bit).

Not much seemed to happen for most of the episode. Klaus taunted Caroline and Tyler with his knowledge of Aramaic for all of five minutes before he decided to help them translate the tattoo. The result? He found out that there was only one dose of the vampirism cure. Vaughn revealed the same information to Jeremy. Was anyone else utterly unsurprised? I’m not sure why the Scrappy gang assumed there’d be enough for everyone who wanted it. Silas was only one normal sized person, after all.


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