Glee Season 4 Review “I Do”

Well that’s more like it! After a good few weeks of moaning about how Glee just wasn’t Glee anymore, here we have a big, event episode that brings back everything we loved about this show in the first place. It’s Will and Emma’s wedding, of course, and the old gang are back in town to share stories (and beds).

Those bedfellows contain a few surprising couples and a few obvious ones, but it’s the obvious one’s that are the most surprising. First up we have Kurt and Blaine, who are quite casual about hooking up in the limo before the ceremony. Fans will squee about this potential reconciliation, and I have to say that it was handled brilliantly. The show could have easily forced them into a lovey dovey encounter that ended with them rekindling their relationship, but this way there’s plenty of room for more character development along the way. And I loved Kurt’s shooting down of Tina’s ridiculous crush, too (hooray!).



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