Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Trust No One”

Beauty and the Beast really pushed the Muirfield plot forward this week with ‘Trust No One’. It saw Cat attempting to keep Alex off Muirfield’s radar, Vincent trying to woo Cat, and, eventually, Alex being convinced by Claire (Evan’s girlfriend/Muirfield lackey) to ‘help’ Vincent by turning him over to Muirfield.

Her plan failed, of course, but not before we were given more evidence of how awful Muirfield are as the bad guys on this show. If they really wanted to find Alex, they could have looked at her credit card records, like Cat did. Supposedly they want to find her to lead them to Vincent, but they could have just followed him home from her apartment one day, weeks earlier, rather than set up half-assed captures in hotel rooms with only one agent on the scene.


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