'Walking Dead' recap Season 3 episode 9 midseason premiere: 'The Suicide King'

"The Walking Dead" returned for the second half of Season 3 with a midseason premiere "The Suicide King" that had a slightly different feel from what we've seen so far. All the recognizable landmarks were there -- Woodbury, the prison, baby Judith and Tyreese's band of newcomers -- but this was a more restrained, character-driven hour that dared to split the difference between the "slow" elements of Season 2 and the action-driven approach of Season 3.To be sure, Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" has had plenty of conversation, character and emotion, it's just been frequently overshadowed by jaw-dropping action, thrilling twists and turns and an unstoppable momentum. "The Suicide King" reversed the formula with just a bit of action -- Rick and Maggie's rescue of Daryl and Merle kicked off the episode in characteristic style -- and otherwise took a step back to really consider what the characters have been going through and where...



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