'Girls' Recap: 'One Man's Trash'

Never has Hannah been so exposed (both physically and emotionally) than in last night's episode of "Girls," cheekily titled "One Man's Trash." The "Man" in question was, of course, much-touted guest star Patrick Wilson, as 40-something physician Joshua (not Josh). His and Hannah's brief entanglement made for one of the most gut-wrenching plotlines of the series (based on how many times I hid my face under my blanket).

Hannah was working not-so hard for the money at Grumpy's, arguing with Ray over whether she had in fact coined the term "sexit," when the good doctor walked in, asking to speak to the manager. Someone had been throwing the cafe's trash in his cans, and he wanted it to stop. Ray took the complaint as a personal affront, seeing as he trained all of the staff personally, and things got heated, with Joshua storming out (but not before an odd and awe-inspiring demonstration of Ray's corporal percussion skills). Hannah declared the working environment too toxic for her taste and followed after him. Read More...



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