Bunheads Review: She's Come a Long Way

Something dawned on me while watching "There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit" - I couldn't think of a time when we've seen Melanie interested in a guy. As she was telling Ginny how happy she was that she might not have to go to prom and Cozette showed up with her derby photos, I wondered - is Melanie gay?

Then Des popped up at the lunch table. Is he a viable boyfriend candidate? Share your thoughts about that.

I liked that Roman pushed the envelope with Sasha and introduced some male blood into the bunhead bond. With Boo and Carl and Sasha and Roman, they're growing into a nice little community. I found it funny that Ginny, who had a boyfriend for eight years, was having the most difficult time with the changes in their group. She was ahead of the curve for so long that she felt lost when everyone else caught up. Read More...



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