Being Human Review: A Hit and a Near Miss

"Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" was a really interesting episode. Not only was loony Liam back in town, but Sally was dealing with Max's dead mother and Aidan was feeding on bubble boy who was playing out his very own Fright Night fantasies from the hospital bubble. Yeah, let's try to break that baby down!

Josh and Nora - I'm not even sure what the hell Liam was doing in the picture. Not the picture above, literally, but in the situation. We know Aidan killed Connor, but Liam doesn't know that. Liam is killing vampires because it's "their time" and he must be afraid, deep down, that they might take over again. Did I miss when he became so informed on the life and times of Aidan? Did he do research or did he learn what he knows from miscellaneous vamps he's killed on the streets? Read More...


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