The Following Recap: Magnets!

No new followers this week, but we did get a sister. And a backstory that involves 9/11. Carroll keeps telling Hardy that he’s just getting started, but the show’s premise seems already to be running out of steam. We spend the hour oscillating between Jacob, Paul, and Emma doing a remake of Threesome and Hardy teaching his protégé, Mike, how to be almost too late like him.

Paul has that girl tied up in the basement of the country house. Emma wants him to take care of her, but he tells her that the girl is actually for Jacob’s benefit because Paul is sick of Jacob’s lies. "Jacob isn’t gay!" Emma tells him. "He just preferred to sleep and live with a man instead of his girlfriend for two years. He had to because he couldn’t face going back to his old empty existence where he checked his e-mail too often." Paul isn’t talking about that, though. He tells her that Jacob lied about having killed someone before. This is supposed to register as though Emma had just been told that her boyfriend was, I guess, a virgin, and all through the episode the show attempts to find pockets of comic relief in the name of the girl in the basement who’s about to be murdered. It’s gross, and I’m going to try and speed through this story line as quickly as possible. The Following tackles its darkest moments with zero grace. It’s starting to feel like Kevin Williamson thinks of himself as a Carroll-like figure (sans the murderous tendencies), showing people a whole new way of watching network television under the guise of high concept. Read More...


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