'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles talks the Impala, the blooper reel, and Braveheart: 'It's the only time in my life I've had longer hair than Jared'

Things are about to get really intense on "Supernatural." Now that Sam and Dean have put Amelia and Benny, respectively, behind them, the show is gaining momentum and hurtling toward yet another epic battle between good and evil. But when we visited Jensen Ackles on set last week, before we got to talking about the drama to come... we had to revisit the closing scene in "LARP and the Real Girl." We just had to.In real life, Ackles is a little more reserved than his character -- so parading around as William Wallace in lace-up boots in front of a field full of extras wasn't exactly his favorite day on set. "There may have been a flask hidden in my costume somewhere," he jokes. The best part? The long wig was his idea -- sort of. "Not really my idea -- it was more of a joke. It was more of a joke that was...



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