The Office Season 9 Review “Moving On”

When we last left Andy on "The Office," things were not looking good, as Erin had accidentally blown the whistle on the fact that he had been away at sea for three months, and thus not at work, to boss man David. Fortunately for Andy, David feels he owes him for his current position, so he cuts him a very tiny amount of slack, assuring him that it will be the last. Needless to say, this fact and the whole break-up with Erin make a bit tough for Andy to get to "Moving On."

Phyllis: "I can’t be around sad people, it makes me sad."
Stanley: "I’m the same way with horny people."

Erin did her best to make do with the bed she’d made for herself, but it was clear she was more than a little happy to have moved on herself- maybe a little too clear.

Erin: "We thought that keeping it secret was more considerate to him…and hot for us. I mean, I saw Pete’s butt- it’s sick!"



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