Touch Season 2 Review “Enemy of My Enemy”

Word to the wise: If you discover a flaw in some software that your company is planning to sell to the government, DO NOT tell your supervisor. It could very well get you killed. It’s a terrifying thought that the company you work for would use software you helped create to kill you. I’d say it’s a good idea to choose your employment more carefully.

A few thoughts about "Enemy of My Enemy":

While Jake and Lucy were out at a sidewalk cafe, Jake led Lucy to a woman named Sophia. Jake handed her the picture he drew, and she got upset and took off. But not before Jake swiped an envelope from her bag. Back at the house, Jake shows Lucy the envelope which was addressed to a soldier at a nearby military base. They go to the base to talk to the soldier and find out that the woman is his aunt Sophia. She has send him her life savings and a police sketch of Guillermo. The religious nut going around killing all the special people. They quickly realize that Sophia has come to California to commit suicide.


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