Ripper Street Season 1 Review “The Weight of One Man’s Heart”

Sergeant Drake has been fixated on the prostitute Rose for quite some time. This week, he decided to take the next step by trying to court her outside the brothel doors. Despite Inspector Reid’s warnings to "Beware the kitten’s claws," Drake paid with his honor and dignity for a woman that he still could not afford.

Drake is drawn to Rose because she quells the violent memories of his past. This becomes much more difficult, though, when Drake’s former colonel, Madoc Faulkner (Iain Glen), appears on the dirty streets of Whitechapel with an offer too good to refuse. Faulkner has his own demons that stem from the poor treatment he and other soldiers received after returning from the war. His grudge is against Queen and country, and he has no respect for men like Inspector Reid who never served in the military. Drake is initially unwilling to participate in Faulkner’s plan to rob the Mint, but agrees to do so as his feelings of isolation from Reid grow and he becomes more desperate to obtain Rose.



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