Being Human (UK) Series 5 Review “Pie and Prejudice” — In Which There Is No Pie

This week’s Being Human harked back to series 1 with the arrival of Larry in ‘Pie and Prejudice’. A former weatherman (who was attacked by a werewolf six months ago), Larry knows little about being a werewolf and even less about being a decent human being. He uses his current gig as an ineffectual motivational speaker to get in with Tom, promising to teach Tom how to be a more successful person, although his sights are really set on the spare bedroom. It all goes wrong, though, and Larry makes a fatal mistake when dealing with an upset Hal…

Meanwhile, Hal visits an old friend of his, Lady Mary. Seemingly a prim and proper 250 year old ghost, Mary is revealed to be something of a crazy wild child. When not experiencing vicarious orgasms psychically through random hook ups in club loos, she apparently likes to start fights, shoplift and push people over. Charming. Alex manages to get some sort of explanation for her behaviour, though; Mary is under the impression that she is Hal’s last victim, and that it is her presence keeping him on the straight and narrow. When told the truth, she becomes just as scary as Hal.


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