The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Red Team/Blue Team”

It looks like The Good Wife’s brief hiatus was a good thing. This was the first episode in a while that I’ve enjoyed from beginning to end. It probably had something to do with the fact that I absolutely love Elsbeth and I’m always happy for her to show up.

A few thoughts about "Red Team/Blue Team":

The case of the week was kind of different in that there wasn’t really a case. The firm took on the case of an energy drink manufacturer. He was being sued by the family of a 16 year old girl who had a seizure and died as a result of drinking his energy drink. The plaintiff’s attorney didn’t want to accept the initial settlement, so they decided to take the case to trial. However, before actually going to trial, the energy drink manufacturer requested Will and Diane to run a mock trial so he could get a sense of what would happen at a real trial. Will and Diane tasked Alicia and Carey with acting as plaintiff’s counsel. Alicia and Carey pretty much destroyed Will and Diane at the mock trial, so the clientdecided to settle the case. One thing I will say, Will and Diane should be thankful that they have Alicia and Carey on their side. Although, they may not have Carey for long.



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