Shameless Season 3 Review “The Sins of my Caretaker”

We’re playing the dangerous game of ‘my tragedy’s bigger than your tragedy’ on this week’sShameless, ‘The Sins of my Caretaker’, as the pressure of Jimmy’s secret life on top of last week’s revelations about his father finally cause him to explode. Fiona’s life might be exponentially harder on a more frequent basis, but that’s still a lot to deal with at one time.

The driving force behind this week’s shenanigans is the digging up of Aunt Ginger before construction workers discover her body in the Gallagher’s back yard, and Frank actually makes himself quite useful in the effort (as he has the most to lose should she be discovered). Meanwhile, Fiona is being terrorised at work, Lip is getting frustrated with Mandy’s clinginess, and Deb decides to stick up for herself when a gang of mean girls pick on her at the public pool. Those lessons in holding her breathe actually came in handy after all.



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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

Frank literally had to wade in the shit for this episode, and I thought it was a pretty clever metaphor for his whole life basically as he tried to dig up a lie he buried as part of a scam to get money...only to bust up the sewage line and screw things up even more. (side note - I love love loved that they used the song “Your Feelings on Life” by The Teeth while he was down there digging, what a great dirty garage rock tune).

Anyway, another episode that managed to perfectly balance dark, twisted stuff with comedic elements. My only complaint is that this show gets a little too scattered with so many subplots and such...I think that only works for pure dramas like The Wire, and Shameless would be better served with a narrower focus, but still that's a minor complaint I have for one of the best two shows still on TV (Breaking Bad being the other, which is soon to be RIP).

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