The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “When a Man (Or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie”

Well, it was Cookie and LeVar’s wedding anniversary on "The Cleveland Show," and while Cookie had a surprise party planned, LeVar was off cavorting with…Diane Lane? (Does Josh Brolin know about this?) By the time he does show up, everyone’s passed out or drunk, leading Cleveland to paint a depiction of the sad scene.

Cleveland: "…And finished. I call it, ‘He ain’t coming, mom’." (Great visual joke, with the pull-out from the painting, as if it were real.)

LeVar comes in, relatively unapologetic, much to Cookie’s chagrin. I laughed when Gus leapt out to surprise him and LeVar punched him and he yelled: "Ow! My breathing nose!" Anyway, it’s clear that Cookie isn’t going to let him off the hook easily this time, so Cleveland tries to smooth things over with tickets to his mother’s favorite band, George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars (the marquee bit was funny- ‘Tomorrow: Bill Clinton & the I-Funk Porn Stars.’)


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