The Simpsons Season 24 Review “Hardly Kirk-ing”

"Hardly Kirk-ing" is the kind of episode that I wish The Simpsons could pump out every week these days. It’s well-constructed and funny enough, and while there’s nothing in here that’s either earth-shatteringly funny or sweetly emotional, both of which the show has given us in the past, it’s still a nice way to spend half an hour on television, and there’s not really much more I could ask for.

Chief among this episodes virtues is that it keeps everything pretty tight, in therms of plotting. There are three threads here (the children’s DVDs, Homer’s new finding-things hobby, and of course, Milhouse impersonating his father), and all of them bounce around throughout the episode, ping-ponging characters and screentime, and never seeming too disconnected or unrelated.


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