Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “Drive in the Knife”

Everyone’s spiralling out of control in this week’s Switched at Birth, ‘Drive in the Knife’, as the problems that have been festering over the course of season two are threatening to explode. Regina’s drinking again, Daphne and Travis don’t see eye to eye about how to punish her attackers, and Bay and Toby are unwittingly sabotaging their dad’s campaign. It’s just another week at the Kennish/Vasquez house.

Starting with Daphne and Travis, I really had high hopes for their relationship when it began a few weeks ago. Travis is a troubled kid with a bad attitude so, when Daphne breaks things off with him just as his life is getting more and more difficult, he doesn’t react very well. Daphne’s attackers still haven’t been caught but, when the police call them in to identify the perpetrator, Travis refuses to cooperate. He wants to take out some of his innate on anger on the guy by himself, since it must be fairly easy to blame someone else for his problems.


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Jan 4, 2014 11:22PM EST

dose anyone know where i can watch this for free

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