Deception Season 1 Review “Tell Me” – More Mysteries!

Phew! I was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough steam to propel Deception forward! Thankfully, we do have some new things revealed to us in "Tell Me." Will it be enough to keep things fresh? I don’t know yet, but at least we now have something new to work with. Here’s what we learned tonight:

Audrey’s being pimped out: I think this is way too much to do for a job to find out the scoop on a competitor’s drug, but whatever. I do like the fact that Audrey’s mission to find out more about Lyritrol is the parallel to Joanna’s mission to find out who killed Vivian. Both are working undercover and both are working Julian over to see if he’ll tell them anything of value. They might as well work together and kill two birds with one stone. But anyway, I’m kind of sad to see Julian get played by both Joanna and Audrey. Soon, he’s going to think he can’t trust women. But he’s not very trustworthy himself–he’s now confirmed as the son Robert goes to to get the enforcer-type stuff done. Once again, some suspicion is thrown on him.



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Jun 6, 2016 4:41PM EDT

That was really creepy when Haverstock told Mia that he was her father...I'd have been so mad if I was Mia, not only to find out that she's the product of statutory rape, but also because he ended up dropping that bomb on her at her own party. Yuck.

Speaking of the party, I thought it was awesome that they used "A/B Machines" by Sleigh Bells during that scene, that was probably my favorite party jam of 2010, glad to hear it used in this show

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