The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Review “Endgame”

We’re continuing out journey through the wrong season on The Carrie Diaries this week, in ‘Endgame’, and Thanksgiving has come around. Without their mom around to cook and care for the family, Carrie takes over the maternal role of the house, but the stress of cooking for a gang of hungry guests causes some serious friction for the Bradshaws.

Holiday episodes of high school shows are usually great simply because it gives us a break from the normal routine of a teenager’s life, but this show really hasn’t nailed down it’s central location yet, so that element is kind of missing in ‘Endgame’. What is good is seeing Carrie take so much on her shoulders, only to break down and ask for help from her father and sister in the end. We’ve seen her stand up for herself when it comes to her party lifestyle in New York, but now her newfound confidence and sense-of-self is featuring at home, too.



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