Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Pa’ ani” – Bromance is in the Air

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called "Pa’ ani," the team searches for the killer of a man murdered during a fake shootout and Danny and Steve’s bromance goes up a few more notches because of a football game.

After watching the preview clip of this episode – the one where Catherine meets Steve and Danny outside of the police station and talks about not wanting to interrupt their "man-date" – I was very excited to see this one. Because of that clip, I was hoping that the bromance would be cranked up on this one and boy, was it ever. Sure, we got a cargument, but there were a lot more moments than that. Then there was also Steve’s obvious embarrassment over Danny’s obsession with fantasy football, all of the discussions about which player was better, the Beatles and Stones argument (hilarious to me that I actually sided with Steve on that one) and so much more. The best example had to be the end though; when Danny gave up those amazing seats that he worked so hard to get, so that he could go with Steve to the hospital. And then Steve returning the favor by getting them onto the field; that was, in a word, awesome.



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