Lost Girl Season 3 Review “The Kenzi Scale”

On the latest episode of "Lost Girl," entitled "The Kenzi Scale," we picked up where we left off, with Bo convinced that Kenzi was not "her" Kenzi and that the real Kenzi was elsewhere, either captive or- shudder-worse. As viewers, we also have noticed something off with Kenzi as of late, ever since her big chainsaw-fueled showdown with the Narn, during which she poured some concoction on herself. On this episode, we finally discovered what really went down.

Before that, however, there was a lot of second-guessing, as the gang suspected that Bo was off her rocker, not helped by the fact that she’s been a murder suspect on Dyson and Tamsin’s end for some time now. Convinced Bo is the actual problem, they lock her up at Trick’s place until they can figure out what’s really going on. Lauren runs her usual barrage of tests, but the results are inconclusive. She has the signs of a virus, but there doesn’t seem to be any infection. Trick suspects he knows what’s really going on, but he asks Lauren to double-check one last time much to Lauren’s chagrin, given her exacting methods, not to mention the fact that Bo is, after all, her girlfriend.


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