Face Off Season 4 Review “Bugging Out” – Creepy Crawly Creations

When the best thing that I can come up with after watching an episode of Face Off is "eh", there’s a problem. I’m not sure what it is about the cast of season 4, but each week I’m left more and more disappointed in everyone. The only person that has been consistent in their creations and their execution have been Anthony and Eric F (save the gummy bear fiasco and tonight’s episode for Anthony). Other than those two, every single contestant has just bombed on several creations.

That said – I’m sure you can guess the theme of tonight’s episode with a title like "Bugging Out". The contestants were each able to choose an image from a set of television screens. Each screen held a magnified picture of part of a bug. The idea was to take the texture shown in the image and incorporate it into an original insect hybrid.


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