Knight Rider 2008 F/K.I.T.T (Knight Industry Three Thousand)

I cant tell you how thrilled i was when just finding out that we are about to have a new KR series on TV and a double episode for the pilot :)

The Original show was really cool for its time, and still is when i watch the oldies...the dark humor and quirky come-backs from the car talking to Michael were outstanding. You truly had the sense that the car was literally a main character, and was in the limelight as much as the human star, David Hasselhoff. It lasted a 4 year time period, and i enjoyed the nostalgia so much that i bought them all on DVD a few years back. I have to say after watching the 2 hour premier just now that the new show doesnt have a chance of making it past the next ratings book at this pace.

FANS of this type are attracted to the memory of where they were when they first saw or heard the knight rider theme song, those who heard it once most likely could still hum the entire track note-for-note. It is because of this point and a few others that i was terribly disappointed with the car (Mr. No personality, wrong voice, bad car and believe it or not; too much Computer-Generated Grsphics).

If it was a george lucas project, you couldnt get enough of the cool 3-D CG stuff, but the plot int good enough to support all this bling bling of sorts.

The acting I found wasn't up to par either. Granted the prev star wasnt exactly winning trophies either, unless it came to his German singing career:)

Maybe i am wrong, so i wont cover more negatives, you should see it for-sure and judge it for yourself. it was still worth seeing it, it just felt like a bit of a waste of time because i compared it to the past. Maybe that is a problem. who knows? but you will jnow soon.

Write back and let me know what you think?


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