Vegas Season 1 Review “Two of a Kind”

Those things done in the dark always come to light. Yes, it’s an unoriginal phrase. But you would think after hearing it so much that people would finally get it through their thick heads. Nothing stays secret. Ever. It seems that’s a lesson that some of the folks on Vegas learned the hard way this week.

A few thoughts about "Two of a Kind":

The case of the week was rather interesting. A man was found in his car on the side of the highway shot right between the eyes. The man, Lattimore, was supposedly a traveling salesman for some diet shake company. Ralph and Jack went to see his wife and deliver the bad news. She told them that she had a heart condition and her husband was supposed to be taking her to Buffalo to get a pacemaker at the end of the week. During the course of their investigation, Ralph and Jack found out that Lattimore had another wife. He wasn’t a traveling salesman at all. He just told his wives that he was so he could spend half the year with one wife and half the year with the other wife. Initially, the Lamb boys thought that the brother of wife #2 had killed Lattimore, but it wasn’t him. Jack discovered that the diet shakecompany Lattimore worked for was actually one big pyramid scheme. Lattimore found out about it, so the president of the company killed him.



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