Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Arbor Daze”

Raising Hope returned tonight after being preempted last week by the State of the Union address, and now we all get to celebrate Arbor Day a couple months early with the hilarious and touching "Arbor Daze"! Maybe if we didn’t have so many back-to-back episodes due to Ben and Kate‘s cancellation, we’d probably be watching this episode a little closer to the actual holiday for it to make a little more sense. Not that it really matters, because an episode this touching and this emotional is welcome any time of the year!

One of the best parts of Raising Hope is seeing all of the crazy things the Chances do to save moneyand the goofy choices they made in raising Jimmy. I’ve been a little critical of the Jimmy flashback scenes that we’ve seen so far, as they usually just end up making me feel bad for young Jimmy. However, I loved seeing Jimmy celebrating all of the different holidays as a kid. It was so sweet to see Burt and Virginia go out of their way to make all of these minor holidays so special for their son, and it would only make sense that Jimmy would want to pass this on to his daughter. Unfortunately, Sabrina is not having any of this senseless tree-killing!


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