Smash Season 2 Review “The Dramaturg”

Most of the characters on Smash have gone their separate ways since ‘Bombshell’s future was cast into doubt, and, proven by this third outing, ‘Dramaturg’, the show is now much more concerned with the business of Broadway than any of the soapy personal problems that invaded season one of the series.

The biggest change might be in Derek who, after being knocked down a couple of pegs when his illicit dalliances with various actresses came out, is almost humble. His relationship with Karen has shifted ever so slightly to the point where Karen can convince her former director to take a look at a random bartender’s ideas for a new musical. It takes them a while to arrive in the same room together but, eventually, Jimmy outlines his story ideas for Derek. It needs some work, but it looks as though we’ll be following the birth of ‘Hit List’ over the next few weeks.



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