Supernatural Season 8 Review “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”

The last time Supernatural did an episode with dogs as its focus, we got "All Dogs Go to Heaven." Not one of Supernatural’s finest hours. So I must admit that when I heard we were going canine again, I was kind of wary. It seems that my fears were pretty much unfounded though. This time around, the story was much more interesting and the characters were much more compelling. I’m generally not a fan of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming’s scripts because they tend to have some story and pacing issues that drive me nuts. But in tonight’s outing, many of those problems thankfully didn’t rear their ugly head. The story moved along at a decent clip and the way it unfolded felt organic, not forced. They also dialed it back on the blood this time too which I’m very appreciative of. Their last couple of scripts had people eating hearts. That’s just unnecessarily gross.



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