American Idol Season 12 Review “Semifinalist Round, Part 1”

Vegas, baby, Vegas! Yep, thank God, it’s finally time, and you know what? These new rules are alright by me all around. This time around, the folks at "American Idol" had the right idea. I wasn’t so sure about some of the rules, especially the whole producers-picking-out-the-groups thing, but I like the new Vegas rules, for the most part.

For one thing, it gets us to the live performances on a soundstage in front of a live audience quicker- always a good thing after the post-audition burn-out. For another, it puts the performers up on a stage with a band at their disposal to do whatever song they want- a great opportunity to see what these folks are made of. By moving up that aspect, it’s really starting to feel like things are moving forward in earnest, and a lot sooner than they would have under the old rules.



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