Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Viral” – Cruz Finally Gets Closure

Chicago Fire was a lot heavier with the drama this week with "Viral." Yes, last week was when we hadthe aftermath from Antonio’s shooting, but even though no one got shot, this episode had much more heart, I feel. It all really came from the fantastic performance of Joe Minoso as Cruz.

Cruz’s battle: The first run of the episode started the culmination of the Cruz storyline, as he once again risked his life (and the lives of Mouch and Otis) during an apartment fire. After getting chewed out by Casey, who even told him to turn in his badge at the beginning of the next shift, Cruz goes on yet another soul search. This time, he’s led to church and gets nothing from it. Like a lot of us looking for solace and forgiveness from God, we feel God can’t forgive us when we can’t forgive ourselves. That’s really what Cruz his facing–himself.


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