CSI Season 13 Review “Forget Me Not” – Read Before Jumping Ship

There has always been a great divide amongst the fans of CSI, between those who love Grissom and Sara together and those who, I don’t know, hate romance and kick puppies for fun. Up until last night, the fans of GSR had pretty much won most of the battles in this cold war, but with "Forget Me Not," this week’s episode, the other side landed a major, heart-breaking victory when Sara revealed that she and Grissom have separated.

How did this happen? Well, in true CSI fashion, the writers didn’t seem at all interested in explaining their reasons for this twist. It’s apparently enough for them just to imply that it was Grissom’s choice and that he might have been doing it for what he considers to be Sara’s benefit. Anyone who knows the history between them, though, knows that Grissom has not always been the best judge of his own needs and wants, much less Sara’s. It’s going to be very easy for the anti-Sara crowd to point their fingers and blame her for the breakup, and the writers made it very easy for them by having her immediately fool around with another man, but the real question is why did this incredibly strong woman, who never gave up on her love for an impossible man, give up on her marriage?


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