The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Monster Isolation” – Welcome, Lucy!

Picking up almost exactly where last week’s Valentine’s Day episode left off, this week’s episode ofThe Big Bang Theory, "The Monster Isolation," immediately thrust us into Raj’s coffee date with newcomer, Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy pulled the old "bathroom escape" routine and bailed on Raj without so much as a goodbye, leaving him devastated.

Okay, I know this might be considered mean, but I find devastated Raj even more adorable than regular Raj, even if he does go around in his underwear eating lobster. There’s something so endearing about his character. Yes, he can be annoying every now and then, but he’s just one of those really sweet, really shy, totally socially awkward types that you can’t help but encounter in the geek community. I met about five Raj’s this past weekend at the big Doctor Who convention here in L.A.



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